Sub-Cabinet Appointments.

White House Cabinet meeting room

White House Cabinet meeting room

The following are not Cabinet members per se but attend Cabinet meetings. Below is the list of positions, their nominees (if known) and the Senate committee responsible for confirmation hearing. This list will be updated as events unfold.

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Administrator of the EPA (Environment & Public Works)
Lisa Jackson (Confirmed by the Senate 1/22/09)

Director of Office Management & Budget (OMB) (Budget)
Peter Orszag (Confirmed by the Senate 1/20/09)

Director of National Drug Control Policy (Judiciary)

US Trade Representative (USTR) (Finance)
Ron Kirk (confirmed 3/18/09)

CIA Director
Leon Panetta (Confirmed by Senate 2/12/09)

National Security Adviser
Marine Gen. James L. Jones (Ret.)

Director of National Intelligence (DNI)
Admiral Dennis C. Blair (Ret.) (confirmed 1/28/09)

UN Ambassador
Susan Rice (Approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 1/21/09; confirmed by the Senate 1/22/09)

Deputy Attorney General
David W. Ogden (Senate Judiciary Committee hearing scheduled for 2/5/09) (confirmed 3/12/09)

Deputy Secretary of State
James B. Steinberg (confirmed 1/28/09)

Deputy Secretary of State
Jacob Lew (confirmed 1/28/09)

(Photograph courtesy of The Library of Congress)


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