The President’s Cabinet

Pres. Lincoln using Union glue to repair cabinet split into North and South.

Pres. Lincoln using "Union glue" to repair cabinet split into "North" and "South".

Below is information regarding Cabinet appointments. There are separate posts detailing the scope of responsibility of Cabinet Secretaries which can be found by clicking on the appropriate department in the sidebar.

See additional pages (in lower sidebar) for sub-Cabinet and Executive appointments.

The United States Cabinet is the most senior appointed officers of the executive branch of the federal government of the United States. All but the Attorney General have the title “Secretary.”

Cabinet officers are nominated by the President and then presented to the United States Senate for confirmation or rejection by a simple majority.

Below is a list of cabinet positions, their nominees (if known) and, in parentheses, the Senate committee responsible for confirmation hearing. This list will be updated as events unfold.

Secretary of State (Foreign Relations)
Hillary Clinton (Confirmed by the Senate 1/21/09)

Secretary of the Treasury (Finance)
Tim Geithner (Approved by Senate Finance Committee; confirmed by Senate 1/26/09)

Secretary of Defense
(Armed Services – since he is already serving in this position, there is no confirmation hearing)
Robert Gates

Attorney General (Judiciary)
Eric Holder (Endorsed by Judiciary Committee 1/28/09; confirmed by Senate 2/2/09)

Secretary of the Interior (Energy & Natural Resources)
Ken Salazar (Confirmed by the Senate 1/20/09)

Secretary of Agriculture (Agriculture)
Tom Vilsack (Confirmed by the Senate 1/20/09)

Secretary of Commerce (Commerce, Science & Transportation)
Bill Richardson Judd Gregg Gary Locke (confirmed 3/25/09)

Secretary of Labor (Health, Education, Labor & Pension)
Hilda Solis (nomination stalled by anti-worker Republicans, Ed Hugler nominated as acting Secretary; Senate committee approves nomination for vote by full Senate; confirmed 2/24/09)

Secretary of Health & Human Services (Finance)
Tom Daschlewithdraws; Kathleen Sebelius (confirmed 4/28/09)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs)
Shaun Donovan (Confirmed by Senate 1/23/09)

Secretary of Transportation (Commerce, Science & Transportation)
Ray LaHood (Confirmed by Senate 1/22/09)

Secretary of Energy (Energy & Natural Resources)
Steven Chu (Confirmed by the Senate 1/20/09)

Secretary of Education (Health, Education, Labor & Pension)
Arne Duncan (Confirmed by the Senate 1/20/09)

Secretary of Veteran Affairs (Veterans’ Affairs)
(Ret.) Army General Eric K. Shinseki (Confirmed by the Senate 1/20/09)

Secretary of Homeland Security (Homeland Security & Government Affairs)
Janet Napolitano (Confirmed by the Senate 1/20/09)

(Illustration courtesy of The Library of Congress)


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