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Attention Eric Cantor: This is what “adult, responsible leadership” looks lke

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House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) delivered the Republicans’ weekly address yesterday and among the many idiotic things that came out of his mouth was that if only voters would give them another chance, Republicans would provide “adult, responsible leadership.”

Well, Mr. Cantor, apparently you were asleep from January 2001 through January 2009. If the many disasters caused by Republicans during those years is any example of what they would do if given another opportunity, I hope Americans are smart enough to decline to give them that opportunity any time soon.

Thanks, Crooks & Liars, for the video!

Hey, Virginia! Do the country a favor!

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Republican Eric Cantor, representative for the Seventh District of Virginia, wants to be president.

Photo by Louis D. Tandy, c1897 (Library of Congress)

Photo by Louis D. Tandy, c1897 (Library of Congress)

Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) took a swipe at President Barack Obama’s Mideast policy in Jerusalem on Thursday, telling reporters he was worried about the administration’s direction in its attempts to forge a settlement in the region.

“We’re here to try and make things better; we are here because we are concerned,” Cantor said. “We are concerned about what the White House has been signaling as of late in their desire to push through in terms of a Middle East peace plan.”

Please, Virginians, elect someone else to the Seventh District seat so that Mr. Cantor has less opportunity to undermine the foreign policy of our current president.

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