“Blame Enough For Thee, But Not For Me”

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When Shep Smith blamed blogs, was he referring to Fox Nation?

Yeah, I can see how it wouldn’t make sense to blame your own network:


Megan McArdle: Murder Apologist & Advocate

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Sand destroying once fertile land. Maine.  Published 1936 May.  Paul Carter, photographer

Sand destroying once fertile land. Maine. Published 1936 May. Paul Carter, photographer

This is absolutely the most disgusting thing I have ever read. That her friends and family don’t shrink back from her in horror brings shame on them.

Megan McArdle spends the first few paragraphs of her response to Ezra Klein explaining how she’s pro-choice. I guess that’s an attempt to give her argument a patina of reasonableness. Her mind-blowing argument is that we should not impinge the terrorists’ ability to terrorize us:

We accept that when the law is powerless, people are entitled to kill in order to prevent other murders–had Tiller whipped out a gun at an elementary school, we would now be applauding his murderer’s actions. In this case, the law was powerless because the law supported late-term abortions. Moreover, that law had been ruled outside the normal political process by the Supreme Court. If you think that someone is committing hundreds of gruesome murders a year, and that the law cannot touch him, what is the moral action? To shrug? Is that what you think of ordinary Germans who ignored Nazi crimes? Is it really much of an excuse to say that, well, most of your neighbors didn’t seem to mind, so you concluded it must be all right? We are not morally required to obey an unjust law. In fact, when the death of innocents is involved, we are required to defy it.

This is what eight years of the lying, skeevy Bush/Cheney cabal has wrought. We now live in a country where torture goes unpunished and murder is not only justified but described as a reasonable response to “an unjust law.”

How is this not a nightmare?

How is this not deeply twisted and anathema to everything this country is supposed to represent?

The mind reels.

UPDATE: Apparently McArdle is channeling Francis Schaeffer, a 1980s advocate of using terrorism to achieve the goal of making abortion illegal.

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