Cooking for the Unemployable

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After watching that, I’m sure you’re feeling a bit philosophical. Why not enjoy an episode of Three Minute Philosophy?


Glenn Beck hates capitalism!

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Who would have ever predicted this?

Mrs. Dora Stainers, 562 1/2 Decatur Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 39 years old. Began spinning in an Atlanta mill at 7 years, and is in this mill work for 32 years. Only 4 days of schooling in her life. Began at 20 cents a day. The most she ever made was $1.75 a day & now she is earning $1 a day when she works. She is looking for a job. Her little girl Lilie is the same age she was when she started work, but the mother says, "I ain't goin to put her to work if I can help it. I'm goin' to give her as much education as I can so she can do better than I did." Mrs. Stainers is a woman of exceptional ability considering her training. 1915 March. Lewis Wickes Hines, photographer. (Library of Congress)

And I said, Mother’s Day, it’s a scam. It’s a big business scam. And I said, I bet it was started by Woodrow Wilson. Look it up, Sarah. And she didn’t. I said, look it up. She’s like, no, I’m not going to look it up. I said, look it up, I’ll bet you, I’ll bet you. Mother’s Day? Started 1914. Woodrow Wilson. Hate that guy. Love my mom. Hate the holiday. Now, you could go to Hallmark because Hallmark and Woodrow Wilson would like you to do that. But there’s something new from Vermont Teddy Bear. Three handmade teddy bears in pink, green, and white.

In a few brief seconds, Glenn Beck manages to insult Mother’s Day, one of America’s greatest Presidents and 1919 Nobel Peace Prize winner Woodrow Wilson, an advertiser on his radio show, Hallmark Cards and capitalism.

Way to go, Glenn!

Transcript excerpt from Media Matters.

What has the federal government ever done for you.

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Thanks, They Gave Us A Republic!

Something to think about

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Home Sweet Home, East Hampton, Long Island, New York. c1913 (Library of Congress)

George Lakoff at Common Dreams has a post titled “Where’s the Movement?” in which he talks about our role as active participants in our political system that I think you all should read.

Movements also transcend particular policies. The framing of moral principles comes first and the policies elaborate on the principles. The way to unite a movement is to form policies that carry out the principles in ways that everyone can understand.

As a citizen, what moral principles, values or characteristics do you believe are important for a happy and well-functioning society?

Compassion, cooperativeness, fairness, generosity, honesty, industriousness, loyalty, moderation and tolerance are important to me.

“It is so cold in here. So fucking cold.”

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The first part of the headline to the story — Obama is “incompetent — annoyed me but the second part — and the U.S. is a Madhouse — made me curious, so I trotted over to HuffPo to read Johann Hari’s “exclusive interview” with Gore Vidal. I can’t say I particularly disagree with Vidal’s assessment.

Yuki yanagi ni karasu (Blackbird in snow) Koson Ikeda, artist.   (Library of Congress)

Yuki yanagi ni karasu (Blackbird in snow) Koson Ikeda, artist. (Library of Congress)

Gore Vidal is not only grieving for his own dead circle and his own fading life, but for his country. At 83, he has lived through one third of the lifespan of the United States. If anyone incarnates the American century that has ended, it is him. He was America’s greatest essayist, one of its best-selling novelists, and the wit at every party. He holidayed with the Kennedys, cruised for men with Tennessee Williams, was urged to run for Congress by Eleanor Roosevelt, co-wrote some of the most iconic Hollywood films, damned US foreign policy from within, sued Truman Capote, got felated by Jack Kerouac, watched his cousin Al Gore get elected President and still lose the White House, and – finally, bizarrely – befriended and championed the Oklahoma bomber, Timothy McVeigh.

Yet now, he says, it is clear the American experiment has been “a failure.” It was all for nothing. Soon the country will be ranked “somewhere between Brazil and Argentina, where it belongs.” The Empire will collapse militarily in Afghanistan; the nation will collapse internally when Obama is broken “by the madhouse” and the Chinese call in the country’s debts. A ruined United States will then be “the Yellow Man’s Burden,” and “they’ll have us running the coolie cars, or whatever it is they have in the way of transport.”

Southern States Show Their Color

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I don’t know where Steve Benen got this nice graph but it reflects the regional results of a Research 2000 poll conducted for Daily Kos.

My favorite part of the poll is realizing that 58% of the Republican Party is only 22% of the public in general.

Perhaps someone can explain to me why Congressional Democrats are allowing the Republicans to dictate policy.

Alpha Inventions.

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Bolton Jones and pilot Milo G. Bucham, in airplane, shown before successful test of their new invention for letting airmail sacks down to earth from a speeding plane, Whittier, Calif. (some time between 1920 and 1940)

Bolton Jones and pilot Milo G. Bucham, in airplane, shown before successful test of their new invention for letting airmail sacks down to earth from a speeding plane, Whittier, Calif. (some time between 1920 and 1940)

Have you heard of AlphaInventions?

It is some kind of new-fangled blog aggregator.

The creation of a young man named Cheru Jackson, who built it just for the heck of it, AlphaInventions rolls through front pages of blogs one at a time. You can then click to stop at a particular blog that interests you.

I’ll let Mr. Jackson explain:

If you update or publish your blog at the same time my visitors are browsing blogs in my site then my visitors will get a chance to see your blog in real-time. BAM! (the entire blog is in their face instantly) It’s not even annoying to watch. Is it alpha addicts??

I also provide a link to your blog in case they want it to open your blog in a new window, or bookmark your blog . The links provides your title, and description to help my visitors get a better understanding on what your blog is about, and get more interested. is useful for ,,, and I love it, and want to grow it like a tree. Yahh!

I recommend a visit to Mr. Jackson’s blog streamer. There are quite a lot of interesting blogs that pop up there.

Thanks, Cheru Jackson!

UPDATE: Yes, Alpha Inventions is pretty cool. I came across a site (Government Information Division, Special Libraries Association) which has a link to a site which contains the actual text, and revisions to, the stimulus bill:

“I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

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Forbes Co., c1883 (i.e., c1884)

"Boston ; N.Y. : Forbes Co., c1883 (i.e., c1884)"

The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus (1883)

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

(BETA/New York) Interior Secretary Ken Salazar went to the top of the crown with fellow democrats New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, New Jersey Rep. Albio Siries and New York Rep. Anthony Weiner.

He said a study is underway on whether to open the crown to the public and that the review should be complete in April.

Opening the crown “is very important to me,” said Salazar, but he added that any such plan must include the safety of the public.

Menendez suggested there may be some sort of lottery to allow limited numbers of tourists access to the crown on a daily basis.

After Sept. 11, access to the crown was closed as a security measure, along with the rest of the Statue and Liberty Island.

When the island and base of the statue were reopened several years later, the crown remained closed. U.S. Park officials said the narrow spiral stairway first built for worker access was a danger for anyone suffering an injury or other medical event, such as a heart attack.

In addition, a 1999 internal study found that if there were a fire in the pedestal, the interior of the statue would act like a chimney, with smoke suffocating anyone on the stairs.

(Excelsior, the New York state motto, is Latin for “ever upward.”)

Obama Gets Mail.

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Garden of the White House and corner of the White House, 1921 (Frances Benjamin Johnston, photographer)

Garden of the White House and corner of the White House, 1921 (Frances Benjamin Johnston, photographer)

Items sent to the White House are often significantly delayed and can be irreparably harmed during the security screening process. Therefore, please do not send items of personal importance, such as family photographs, because items may not be returned.

For security reasons, please do not send consumable gifts — such as food, flowers, and other perishable items — to the White House. While President Obama, the First Lady, Vice President Biden, and Dr. Biden appreciate your thoughtfulness, they request that instead you look to your local community for opportunities to assist your neighbors in need.

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Where’s My White House Info?

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Thinking of Home

"Thinking of Home"

It’s stuck in the 20th century.

Between outdated and inadequate computers and government regulations, including the Presidential Records Act, the availability of information at has been thin. But they are working on it. Be patient.

(WaPo) One member of the White House new-media team came to work on Tuesday, right after the swearing-in ceremony, only to discover that it was impossible to know which programs could be updated, or even which computers could be used for which purposes. The team members, accustomed to working on Macintoshes, found computers outfitted with six-year-old versions of Microsoft software. Laptops were scarce, assigned to only a few people in the West Wing. The team was left struggling to put closed captions on online videos.

The good news? President Obama gets to keep — and use — his Blackberry. His email address is classified though, so you won’t be able to cc the President on your correspondence.

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