Republican Environmental Leader: Theodore Roosevelt

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“I’ve never understood why the environment should be a left-wing issue,” said Ms. Hedegaard, [Denmark’s minister of climate and energy,] with an exasperated sigh. “In my view there is nothing as core to conservative beliefs — that what you inherit you should pass on to the next generation.”

T.R. at the banquet-City Hall, Copenhagen. Group of men all in formal dress.  c. 1910

"T.R. at the banquet-City Hall, Copenhagen. Group of men all in formal dress." c. 1910


First Former Bush II Administration Official Indicted For Corruption

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Gale A. Norton, Interior Secretary for George “Worst President in American History” Bush (2001 to 2006), has been indicted on charges that she “illegally used her position to benefit Royal Dutch Shell PLC.”

Gifford Pinchot: Conservation Advocate

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Gifford Pinchot (March 11, 1921

Gifford Pinchot (March 11, 1921

Gifford Pinchot was a Republican. He and Teddy Roosevelt coined the term “conservationist.” He understood the importance of protecting and managing the environment, not because it is pretty but because the resources are finite. He understood that good environmental management is good business.

The Pinchot family carries on his work.

Gifford Pinchot [the third] is co-founder and President Emeritus of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, which offers an MBA that integrates environmental sustainability and social responsibility with innovation and profit. BGI is one of the first graduate schools to weave sustainability throughout its entire curriculum, so that standard business subjects include ethics, cutting-edge sustainability practices, and students’ spiritual perspectives. For the last three years, BGI has ranked at the top of Net Impact’s survey of business schools interested in socially responsible business.

Pinchot’s legacy includes the Gifford Pinchot Task Force which “supports the biological diversity and communities of the Northwest through conservation and restoration of forests, rivers, fish, and wildlife.” His contribution to the country was recognized in 1949 when the Columbia National Forest in Washington state was renamed in his honor.

Modern Republicans may want to forget their past but the GOP has not always been the party of dangerous nut jobs it is today.

Secretary of the Interior

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Democratic senator Ken Salazar of Colorado has been nominated by President-Elect Obama to be his secretary of the Interior.

Some biographical information:

Age: 53

Home: Denver and Los Rincones, family ranch near Manassa

Family: Wife, Hope; two daughters, Andrea and Melinda; granddaughter, Mireya

Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science, Colorado College, 1977; juris doctorate, University of Michigan, 1981.

Career: U.S. Senate, 2005 to present; Colorado attorney general, 1999-2004; lawyer in private practice, 1994-98; executive director, Colorado Department of Natural Resources, 1990-94; chief legal counsel, Gov. Roy Romer, 1986-90; lawyer in private practice, 1981-86.

Senate committees: Finance; Agriculture; Energy and Natural Resources; Select Committee on Ethics; and Special Committee on Aging

The NYT fleshes Mr. Salazar’s biography out somewhat. NYT has a firewall wanting registration, but you can get at the article by googling “the new team ken salazar frosch”. The story date is 12/17/08.

The Interior Department is rampant with dysfunction, corruption and mismanagement, not to speak of its anti-science, anti-environmental bent under Bush.

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