Fuck it.

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View of the great railroad wreck: The most appalling railroad disaster on the Continent, on the T. P. & W.R.R. near Chatsworth, Illinois, of the Niagara Excursion Train, at midnight, August 10th, 1887; From north side, looking east, showing distinctively a portion of the nine cars which were piled in a space 40 x 60 feet. Harlan Holferty, photographer (Library of Congress)

This country is a train wreck, and there doesn’t seem to be any will on the part of Democrats — I’m looking at you, President Obama and Harry Reid and Howard Dean — to stand up for what’s right and necessary.

Others cover the clusterfuck that is America better than I can, like these guys (in no particular order):


Sadly, No!

They Gave Us A Republic

Political Animal



They can be found in the blogroll, along with many other fine purveyors of bad news.


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