BP/Transocean Boom Fail

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(Fishgrease) Boom is not meant to contain or catch oil. Boom is meant to divert oil. Boom must always be at an angle to the prevailing wind-wave action or surface current. Boom, at this angle, must always be layered in a fucking overlapped sort-of way with another string of boom. Boom must always divert oil to a catch basin or other container, from where it can be REMOVED FROM THE FUCKING AREA. Looks kinda involved, doesn’t it? It is. But if fucking proper fucking booming is done properly, you can remove most, by far most of the oil from a shoreline and you can do it day after day, week after week, month after month. You can prevent most, by far most of the shoreline from ever being touched by more than a few transient molecules of oil. Done fucking properly, a week after the oil stops coming ashore, no one, man nor beast, can ever tell there has been oil anywhere near that shoreline.

Seagulls and other birds fly past the oil booms near Venice, Louisiana. Eric Gay / AP

There’s not enough boom and what boom there is is not being placed in a manner that will prevent oil from going on shore, all saving BP and Transocean the expense of crews to remove oil which should theoretically be diverted by properly placed booms.

And of course none of this addresses the issue that “chemical dispersants that cleanup crews are using to break up and scatter the surface slicks cause the oil drops to sink deeper into the water column,” as we saw in video posted yesterday.

Burying the oil a little deeper means that surface slicks won’t float toward shorelines as readily. However, mixing these chemicals into water has long been a controversial process, as they have proved toxic to some marine organisms.


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