Forget about Arizona for a minute

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Family living in Mays Avenue camp. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This family had been farmers in Oklahoma until four years ago. Since then they have lived in community camp getting some food from the vegetable dumps, doing "trashing" and going on the road occasionally as migrant workers. They have been to Arizona several times to pick cotton. The man went there this fall. In this picture they are picking overipe fruit that they picked up at vegetable packing places. 1939 July. Russell Lee, photographer (Library of Congress)

What’s going on in Oklahoma is more hair-raising than the attempt by certain Arizonans to drive every non-Caucasian out of the state.

Last Monday the Oklahoma legislature passed five grossly punitive bills to punish and humiliate women who seek legal abortions.  The most outrageous requires the doctor to perform a procedure that is not medically necessary — the insertion of a vaginal probe to take pictures of the fetus to show the mother so she understands that she is a murderous bitch.

And of course, the cost of this rape is not paid for by the
State of Oklahoma. Oh, no. Women in Oklahoma would be forced to pay the expense of their own physical violation.

Another of the bills would make it legal for a doctor to withhold information from a pregnant woman about fetal abnormalities which might cause her to seek an abortion, and the woman would be barred from suing.

Fortunately the governor vetoed those two bills. The bills that he did sign require the posting of signs stating it is against the law for anyone to force a woman to have an abortion and that an abortion will not be performed until the woman gives her voluntary consent. Word is that the veto will likely be overridden.

There is no hell hot enough for the Oklahoma legislature.


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