Where is DNC Chair Tim Kaine?

March 8, 2010 at 5:18 pm | Posted in Obama!, politics straight up | Leave a comment
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In 1924, the Progressives, a collection of farm and labor leaders, and reformers of various kinds, banded together to nominate Senator Robert M. La Follette as their candidate for president. In the election in November, however, La Follette carried only his home state of Wisconsin.

President Obama and his political team are apparently utterly clueless that in order to win the message war you need to actually participate.

(NYT) Mr. Axelrod said he accepts some blame for what he called “communication failures,” though he acknowledges bafflement that the administration’s efforts to stimulate the economy in a crisis, overhaul health care and prosecute two wars have been so routinely framed by opponents as the handiwork of a big-government, soft-on-terrorism, politics-of-the-past ideologue.

Former (as of January 16, 2010) governor of Virginia Tim Kaine has been chairperson of the DNC for over a year yet has managed to get himself booked on a Sunday political chat show this year exactly once. Newt Gingrich, who abruptly left office in mid term twelve years ago, has been on Meet The Press five times since January 2009. Failed Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been on at least one Sunday show an average of once every three weeks since he lost the November 2008 election.

So where’s Tim Kaine?


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