Republicans can’t read

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Republicans can’t read or have a comprehension problem, or they believe the public has either or both of those problems.

On Sunday, John McCain claimed deception on the part of the Bush administration with respect to TARP funds.

In an interview with a Dutch newspaper, Tom Tancredo, former representative from Colorado, seems as confused by TARP as McCain.

After giving a confused definition of socialism, Tancredo was asked about the TARP fund and he responded:

“In September 2008, when I was still in Congress, we voted on the purchase of toxic assets for 700 billion dollar. In my view that was not socialism.’

The interviewer points out that “the government took over AIG, the world’s biggest insurer, with that money,” to which Tancredo responds:

“But there you have the problem: that is not what we voted for. The idea, as they presented it, was to give tax brakes [sic] to companies in trouble. That’s not socialism. And it is not meant to redistribute wealth. That’s the whole thing.”

Maybe he was right about literacy testing. But I would suggest it is potential members of Congress who should be tested and not voters.

There is one area, however, where Tancredo and the rest of the country are in agreement: John McCain would have made “a terrible president”:

“He is nasty, mean; the skin of an onion would look deep compared to his. He has a short fuse, he is almost peculiarly unstable.”

Thanks, Dependable Renegade!


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