How to destroy a presidency, a political party and a country in a few easy steps

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Cincinnati ; New York : Strobridge Litho. Co., c1900. (Library of Congress)

Apparently Barack Obama does not understand the job of president, because he has refused to avail himself of the most basic tool that office holds: power.

He has allowed the Republicans — the failed and disgraced minority party whose policies got us where we are today — to continue to set the agenda and determine our direction forward.

In How to Squander the Presidency in One Year, or Hey, Conan Obama: How About Now? Can You Hear Us Now?, David Michael Green of summarizes Obama’s failure of leadership.

Why are we headed for failure again on health care reform?

Could there possibly be a greater prescription for failure than allowing a bunch of the most venal people on the planet [“those dickheads on the Hill,” i.e., Congress] to cobble together a 2,000 page monstrosity that entirely serves their interests and those of the people whose campaign bribes put them in office?

You would think in a country of over 300 million people, that claims to be the awesomest country on the planet, we could find a president better than this.

UPDATE (8/21/11): Yeah, I was right peeved back in June 2010. Although I still wish President Obama would bitch slap Republicans more and the health care reform didn’t go far enough, given the circumstances, the ACA is an improvement over what we had.


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