Memorial Day March

January 22, 2010 at 1:05 am | Posted in civil rights, Judiciary, politics straight up, Reality Bites | 26 Comments
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Washington Monument, c1903 (Library of Congress)I’m beyond tired of the bullshit that’s going on. The complete and utter failure of the Democrats to grow a set of balls has me completely torqued.

We have all suffered through another year of Congressional Democrats kowtowing to the Party of No while sniffing the panties of Joe Lieberman and the Blue Dogs.

I think it’s time for the Dirty Fucking Hippies, the Socialists, the Communists and the Death Panel boosters to litter the Washington Mall.

Memorial Day weekend would be the perfect time, being warm enough to sleep outside. I certainly can’t afford a hotel. Shit, I will be lucky if I can afford the gas to get there and back.

Now that the Supreme Court has turned the country over to corporations, this may be our last opportunity to let these fucking assholes know how righteously pissed off we are.

Who’s with me?



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  1. i will come with you and if you are agreeable you can share my room.
    what a great idea.

  2. Thanks.

  3. I can only be there in spirit. But, go for it.

  4. Today, tomorrow, Memorial Day and every day thereafter if need be.

    Get the word out!

  5. I’d rather us start a National Strike – We do nothing; we don’t march, we don’t protest, we don’t shop, we do nothing corporate!

    • Great, you organize that.

      There is no way a significant number of people are not going to work. Not in this economy. And who’s going to notice even 2% of the population not going to work?

      You going to tell your boss, “Hey, I can’t come in, it’s a national day of protest?”

      Good luck keeping your job if you do.

      • And this of course would be precisely why the ‘elected’ (read as installed) officials aren’t interested in seeing the economy improve for little old us. The lesson they learned from the 60’s was to make sure the economy was just scary enough to keep us in our places.

        Go to a protest and get arrested? Or your boss finds out you went? You lose your job. Then you’re lucky to find another, because you were arrested, or can’t get a reference, and thusly, are clearly a malcontent. See how that works? So we’re all too afraid to do a damned thing. Just like the Serfs of any other feudal system.

        And we all know how that turns out. Whether they say the words or not, we can all hear them saying:

        “Let them eat cake.”

  6. Count me in!

  7. This is a very good idea. Trouble is, I live on the West coast

  8. Great, you’ve got 3 maybes, or 2 no-shows and one maybe. Nevertheless, it’s a great idea, and I’m with you. Better yet, maybe your request is a forlorn death knell of a constitutional republic.

    • I guess we’ll put you down as a “not attending” then.

  9. I think it is time to hit Wall Street. So many of us that it will be difficult to corral us. Carry hidden signs-banners are good for this, get there then pull them out, sit down and have others waiting in the wings while the first bunch gets carted off.

  10. I’m in.

  11. Spread the word, peeps.

  12. I think we could have a bigger impact if we start a TV boycott. No-one has to risk losing a job, get arrested or spend money they don’t have. Just get people to notify the commercial networks that you’re boycotting them until they agree to public oversight of the public airwaves that they lease from us.If we could get enough people on board to do this, it would scare them to death. Granted, it won’t be easy to get Americans to part with their addiction to corporate programming. It would take a lot of persuasion, but even if we could get a third of the country to take part, it would send their advertisers into a tizzy. The first regulation of the networks should be free airtime for all candidates on the ballot. Blocks of time to be determined by public regulators. TV is the opiate of the masses. It’s how the coporatists took over. Time for us to take over.

    • Sure are a lot of arguments for doing anything but getting off one’s ass.

  13. I like the TV boycott idea. If people are willing to cancel their cable or direct TV they will know we mean business. It’s more than just saying we aren’t going to watch. It’s measurable. I’ll do it!!

    • I swear to god. Americans are the laziest sonsabitches on the planet.

      If you think for a minute that a TV boycott is possible, you’re exactly the public the corporatists are counting on.

  14. And your idea is the only one w/merit? The TV thing won’t work for me since I haven’t had a TV in 15 years. I also think it won’t work because it only strikes at, well, TV. Protest won’t work because ‘they’ will just use it against us; label us anarchists, club us, arrest us, shoot rubber bullets or worse at us. We must hit corporate amerika where it hurts, and simply stop doing anything corporate. Some of us won’t be able to, it’s true, but most of us can. We can stop shopping corporate and start shopping local. We can stop watching TV, we can stop participating in ‘their’ world & make our own better world. We can move our money to local banks. We can do this – if We want to????

    • No, I’m not saying a march is the only response to the bullshit, I’m just calling bullshit on thinking that “ooh, let’s have everybody stop watching TV” is either practical or effective.

      Are you so afraid of being labeled by people who have already labeled you?

      Yes, take your money out of the big banks, put it in a credit union. Definitely shop local rather than the mega stores — great if you can afford it.

      If you don’t want to stand up in public and show your righteous indignation, don’t come, but don’t come here and rain on my parade.

      • I’ve been in the streets since 1969 marching my fool ass off. Don’t be condescending, that’s just another part of the problems we’re facing from ‘other’ factions. We, your readers, are not your enemies but know our own hearts and lives. We can participate in a National Strike from our own homes. They can’t arrest us because we’ve done nothing but pull their $$ flow out from under them. Boycotts work. To boycott all of ‘them’ would be an ideal, but to boycott most would be realistic.

  15. Seriously, as someone already pointed out, this is a swell plan if you happen to live within easy travel distance of D.C. If you do, then by all means, go and make yourself heard. I hope a lot of people answer that call, I really do.

    But unfortunately I don’t. I live 3000 miles from there, and making such a trip is not only a huge financial bite, but would require at least a week for me to get there and back. As I have no vacation time, I would have to quit the job it took me a year to find in order to participate. And there are a whole lot of others out here in the same (or worse) position as me.

    So go ahead and gainsay everyone else’s ideas as being too little, half-hearted or just plain lazy. That’s your right, I guess. But get it through your head that some of us are already living on the razor’s edge, and have to keep paying the bills and feed our families. We can’t just up and travel across the country at the drop of a hat, regardless of the importance of the issue at hand. That may be, as you said, just what the fascists want to hear people say, but it doesn’t alter the reality I and others have to deal with.

    It would better serve your aims to try to find a way to allow for those who can’t be there to nonetheless make a contribution. A combination of several of the ideas proposed here, in concert with the march you proposed, perhaps. Certainly that would be more productive than labeling people as lazy. There are a lot of things people could call me, but lazy is NOT one of them, and I take great offense (as would most people) at being so labeled.

    So get off your high horse and stop alienating those who want to support you. What they want to hear from you is a way to do just that, not disparaging remarks as to their willingness to fight back.

    • “It would better serve [my] aims to find a way to allow for those of us who can’t be there to nonetheless make a contribution”?

      Just who the fuck do you think I am?

      I am one person sitting here in my fucking bathrobe ready to buy a fucking gun and kill myself because I can no longer tolerate watching my country destroy itself.

      I’m not organizing shit. I’m going to fucking camp on the Washington Mall on Memorial Day weekend to protest this bullshit. If peeps want to be there, great. But I’d appreciate all you folks complaining that I’m not doing this right, or I’m being fucking impolite, just leave me the fuck alone.

      If you can’t be there, find some other way to let your voice be heard. I’m sick to death of peeps bitching about shit and then whining because getting off their asses to change the script is too fucking much work.

  16. Protest? PROTEST!!?

    I have piano wire in the note of “G” that asks to be used as a noose.

    Yeah, Grover Norquist would look good in a “G” string.

  17. LETS GO.

  18. I’ve been looking for a group who wants to do this since August! Hell yeah I will. I am from LA, currently residing in PA with a sister in Northern VA & if anyone wants a ride or somewhere to rest, I’ll help with that too!

    Yes we can.

    Those of you on the West Coast, I’ll rent a van & come get you. For real.

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