Presidential Pardon: Thanksgiving Edition

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President Obama today pardoned Courage, the turkey and sent him off to Disney Land. At this light-hearted ceremony the President took time out to remember and recognize the military and their families.

And in between enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner and snacks, give a read to this Thanksgiving reminder from Bitch PhD.



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Poster for Works Progress Administration encouraging laborers to work for America.  Created by artist Vera Bock for the WPA (New York) Federal Art Project, between 1936 and 1941.  (Library of Congress)

Poster for Works Progress Administration encouraging laborers to work for America. Created by artist Vera Bock for the WPA (New York) Federal Art Project, between 1936 and 1941. (Library of Congress)

“Tea Party Patriots” don’t care if their fellow Americans die.

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The people in this video, the people who support Sarah Palin, hang on Glenn Beck’s and Rush Limbaugh’s every word would rather have corporate death panels decide who is “worthy” of living, and believe their money is better spent overpaying corporate bureaucrats.

Watch them laugh when one woman tells about how her daughter and unborn grandchild died a very painful and horrible death because they lacked health insurance.

To insurance companies, pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. The insurance company killed this woman’s daughter and grandchild. The “Tea Bag Patriots” are working hard to make sure that more Americans die and those who survive are left with devastated lives.

Pooling their hard-earned money and enjoying the security universal health care would provide to every American is to them a radical and dangerous idea.

If these “Tea Bag Patriots” are “real Americans,” I want no part of it.

H/T Dependable Renegade

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Print shows a nobleman dressed as a knight and a bishop standing on either side of a globe which is resting on the shoulders of a member of the Third Estate, indicating that the burden of supporting the state was borne largely by the peasantry. France : 1789 (Library of Congress)

Honor Soldiers of Conscience

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U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, at night, with reflection in pool in the foreground. The specific time was 10:30 p.m. on November 11, 1921, the date of the first celebration of Veterans Day. G.W. Stephenson, photographer. (Library of Congress)

This Veterans Day I will be remembering soldiers of conscience.

“God-appointed womb sheriffs”

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"The Young repentent brought to a bed of justice" -- Cartoon showing blindfolded judge seated alongside a second judge, who is pointing to a pregnant girl. Published by W. Darling in Great Newport Street, London, 1772. (Library of Congress)

Bouphonia tells it like it is:

The idea that a woman must play second fiddle to a fetus, on the grounds that some enterprising sperm cell planted a man’s flag inside her — as though it were a submarine claiming drilling rights in the Arctic Circle — is scientifically illiterate, theologically dubious, ethically unworkable, and morally incoherent. And I’m sick unto death of the idea that the ever-so-precious tax dollars of these oh-so-sensitive control addicts mustn’t be spent on abortion. Especially since my equally strong feelings don’t entitle me to opt out of funding two grotesque wars, or detention centers and border fences for immigrants, or the state oppression of women and gays; or paying the salary of a reactionary fuckhead like Bart Stupak; or providing high-quality healthcare to politicians who refuse it to others.

“Exhibition of work done by children”

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N.Y.C. : WPA Federal Art Project, between 1936 and 1939.  Frank Greco, artist.  (Library of Congress)

N.Y.C. : WPA Federal Art Project, between 1936 and 1939. Frank Greco, artist. (Library of Congress)

Current Health Care Cost Realities Made Simple

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Patient waiting in the doctor's office, rear of country store. Faulkner County, Arkansas. 1940 May. (Library of Congress)

There is a simple explanation for why American health care costs so much more than health care in any other country: because we pay so much more for each unit of care.

The short article has three very clear charts so you don’t even have to read the words, you can just look at the pictures.

Joe Lieberman is a douchebag

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A butcher shop window. Norwich, Connecticut. c.1940 Nov. (Library of Congress)

A group of individuals, coming together as one, to proclaim the undeniable (and scientifically verifiable) fact that Senator Joseph Isadore Lieberman is, in fact, a Grade A Douchebag.

If you agree, go join the Facebook group “Joe Lieberman Is A Douchebag.”

There are many reasons why Lieberman is a douche bag.

In addition to actively arguing in favor of invading Iraq, campaigning for John McCain and Sarah Palin and pledging to continue campaigning against Democrats and for Republicans, actively warmongering against Iran, Lieberman plans to vote against the health care bill because it contains a public option, stating that no reform is better than a bill which contains a public option.   His principles are backed by millions of dollars in campaign donations from the private health care industry which employs his wife at a health care lobbying firm.

Back in 2003 he supported “the illegal political intervention in the private and legally protected decisions” in the Terri Schiavo feeding-tube dispute, and “he went out of his way to defend it. On national television.”

And let’s not forget that despite being chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Lieberman never saw fit to conduct a single hearing or investigation of the Bush administration yet held a hearing on October 22, 2009 “to explore the role of “czars” in the executive branch.

And apparently “Holy Joe” only “supports the troops” when there is a Republican administration.

UPDATE: 10 jokes about Joe Lieberman & his threat to filibuster any health care bill which includes a public option

FURTHER UPDATE: Yes, indeed, Joe Lieberman is working hard to maintain his standing as douchiest politician in America. And he has some pretty stiff competition.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: is raising money “to make sure every voter in Connecticut knows what he’s doing. And then, when he comes up for re-election, we’ll make sure we send him home for good.” Donate to the Help Beat Joe Lieberman fund today!

FURTHER ADDITIONAL UPDATE: had an initial goal of $400,000 but in a matter of days has raised over $1 million to defeat Lieberman.

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