Who’s Number One? France.

September 11, 2009 at 10:28 am | Posted in health, Reality Bites | 1 Comment
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That’s right, France’s health care system is ranked number one by the World Health Organization. The United States is 37. Even Costa Rica beat us.

Where do we rank in preventable deaths? Number 14. Phew! But that’s only because that particular list is “selected countries.” They had to put fourteen countries on the list in order for the US to make it.

For life expectancy WHO places the United States 24th on the list. They are too kind. Because the CIA — yes, our own Central Intelligence Agency — puts us at 50th.

So with respect to health care where does the United States come in at the top of the rankings? Cost. That’s right, kids, we spend more to buy less. Apparently that’s the American way.

But how bad is our health care system really? We rank 72 in overall health system performance. Once again Costa Rica outperforms the United States. But go look at this list. Look at who we beat, look at who beat us. It’s embarrassing.

Free health care clinic in Inglewood, California, August 2009 (Photo: UPI)

(Photo: UPI)

Thousands of uninsured showed up for the free clinic in Inglewood, California run by Remote Area Medical (RAM) for a week this past August.

RAM “typically serves patients in remote, rural parts of the United States and travels to underdeveloped countries,” but given our third-world level of health care it should be no surprise that there is so much need for their assistance here in the good old USA. We’re number 72!


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