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Measuring height of grain on government farm, Fairbanks, Alaska.  c.1916 (Library of Congress)

Measuring height of grain on government farm, Fairbanks, Alaska. c.1916 (Library of Congress)

Sarah Palin announced today that she is resigning as governor of Alaska effective “in a couple of weeks.”

(MSNBC) “We know we can affect positive change outside government at this moment in time on another scale and actually make a difference,” she said, adding that politics had become a “superficial, wasteful bloodsport.”

According to the official statement (Alaska Governor’s Office website), she’s quitting because she doesn’t see any point hanging around as a lame duck. As far as she is concerned, she has completed her term as governor despite the fact she has only actually served for two and a half years of a four-year term.

And let the party begin …

Over at Michelle Malkin’s den of iniquity, commenters are making lists of people Palin should have in her future presidential administration:

My perfect ticket:

President Mitt Romney
(we need economic help)

Vice-President Sarah Palin
(she can run for President after two terms of Mitt)

Secretary of State Newt Gingrich

Secretary of Defense Ret. Gen. Norman (stormin’ Norman) Swarzkopf

Attorney General Ann Coulter

(Imaging the sleepless nights the Liberals will have [Because that, of course, is the most important consideration for any Republican presidential administration!].)

What a great idea! Do we have more suggestions? Why, yes, we do!

A possibility I hadn’t thought of, Tim. And I absolutely love it! Would give the ‘Cuda time to expand her foreign bonafides while Mitt puts the nation back on the right track.

Add Michele Bachmann somewhere and Jeri Thompson as press secretary. Now that’s a patriotic partial staff appropriate for this Independence Day weekend.

How excited are the Malkinites? How much confidence do they have in their Sarah?

I was watching her statement on Fox, and it did not seem she had to use a tele for what she was saying. Gosh, I hope she is running. Just keep the faith Sarah.

Potomac Electric Power Co.  Automatic toaster Theodor Horydczak Collection (Library of Congress)

Potomac Electric Power Co. Automatic toaster Theodor Horydczak Collection (Library of Congress)

In response to the suggestion that Palin running for president in 2012 would guarantee President Obama winning a second term, in keeping with their unabashed respect for the office of the President and the sanctity and preciousness of human life, one commenter suggests: “You presuppose he will fill his first term…”

What’s that smell?

I think it’s toast!

* * *

The Mudflats is experiencing enormous traffic as a result of this surprise announcement and has been knocked offline.  You can, however, access The Mudflats through this link until the regular site comes back up if the regular site goes down again.

* * *

Whoo! Video!  Listen to Palin explain how she is resigning so that Alaskans will not waste their money having her finish her first term!

Stinque has the full video.

Ongoing Supplements:

Andrew Halcro has a post detailing a multitude of significant problems Palin was facing.

Further explication of Palin’s looming problems.

For more on Sarah’s Great Adventure, visit Progressive Alaska.

Buckeye State has a link to a Christian Science Monitor article dated July 2, 2009 detailing some of Palin’s in-state woes. It turns out that quite a few people, both in Alaska and outside, are not at all surprised that she resigned. Modernsquire points out the irony that “Palin actually boasted about getting rid of junkets as Governor, and then resigned because she can’t travel as much as she wants if she stayed Governor. ” (See, Travelgate)

Here’s video of the entire unexpurgated press conference. It is must-watch TV. [Although this is the whole press conference, I think it has been condensed, Go here to watch what I now understand to be truly the entirety of it.]

After watching the trainwreck press conference, I have to say I think she inflicted more damage on herself with that press conference than the resignation itself.

Be careful and remove all liquids from the vicinity of your electronic equipment and refrain from eating or drinking while watching to prevent possible choking accidents. Sarah Palin has some serious mental health issues. My condolences to her family.

Her friends are delusional as well:

(CSM) John Schwochert, a Palin family friend, acknowledges that the governor’s in-state popularity has diminished, but that is probably because she has settled into her job. “Everybody here’s pretty satisfied with what she’s done for the state,” he says.

If Palin doesn’t run for the US Senate next year, she is a “shoo-in” for reelection and will rise from there, Mr. Schwochert predicts. “I’m really quite sure she’s being groomed for a higher office.” [ed: ba-doom!]

Max Blumethal over at The Daily Beast reports on “Housegate” as the possible reason for Palin’s sudden resignation:

Many political observers in Alaska are fixated on rumors that federal investigators have been seizing paperwork from SBS in recent months, searching for evidence that Palin and her husband Todd steered lucrative contracts to the well-connected company in exchange for gifts like the construction of their home on pristine Lake Lucille in 2002. The home was built just two months before Palin began campaigning for governor, a job which would have provided her enhanced power to grant building contracts in the wide-open state.

SBS has close ties to the Palins. The company has not only sponsored Todd Palin’s snowmobile team, according to the Village Voice’s Wayne Barrett, it hired Sarah Palin to do a statewide television commercial in 2004.

My prediction is that should the Palins be indicted on federal corruption charges, Todd will plead out in exchange for Sarah walking away. The question then will be whether she’s smart enough finally to do that or whether she then subjects the world to her continued martyrdom.

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  2. I think you and a lot of people are missing the perspective of Alaskan politics- which is needed to accurately judge this decision.

    There are three recent stories in Alaska right now that illustrate the situation Gov. Palin faced.

    1: On June 11th, the pipeline deal finally went through. This was the last campaign promise that Palin had left to fulfill from her run for governor. That’s not a small thing. Sarah Palin made several promises to Alaskan’s when she run for governor, and she has fulfilled all of them. That fact that the last one was fulfilled two weeks ago had a lot to do with this announcement.

    2: Her nominee for State Attorney General was rejected by the Alaskan legislature- and they made it clear they didn’t object to the nominee, they rejected him because it was Palin who nominated him.

    This illustrates something that many outside Alaska don’t appreciate. Palin won office over the bodies of the Republican establishment. Alaskan Republican politicians don’t like her. Most of her early accomplishments as governor were accomplished by gaining large support from the Democrats in the legislature (combined with her Republican allies). After her run for the VP spot, suddenly Palin was politically dead to Alaskan Democrats. Nor did the Republican establishment rally behind her. Instead she is essentially a governor without legislative support. What she can do is limited- not because of her policies, but because people don’t want to work with her personally.

    3: The ethics complaints are draining her dry financially. Unlike most political families, the Palins are solidly middle class. They can’t afford massive bills to fend off frivolous complaints. And they were frivolous. They were deliberately filed by her political enemies for the purpose of draining her financially. Think long and hard about this. It’s not a good thing that a politician can be run out of office by false ethic complaints. No matter how much you dislike the politician- it’s wrong.

    Now consider all these three issues together. Essentially, Palin has fulfilled everything she promised Alaskans that she would do. Alaskans are probably better off without her as governor- not because she’s a bad governor, but because the legislature is run by a bunch of arrogant egotistical two-year olds who refuse to work with the woman who has beaten the crap out of them. Her Lt. Governor is better positioned to accomplish good things for Alaska than she is.

    And finally, Palin can’t afford to stay in office anymore. She’d have to spend a great deal of time and energy raising money to defend herself. Again further limiting the amount of time she could spend serving Alaska, or time spent with her family.

    When you consider it objectively, resigning is the best thing Sarah Palin could do for herself, and for her state.

    Not many politicians would do such a thing. Most prefer to hang onto office and power as long as possible. In fact, the only American politicians I can think of who acted similar are President Polk, and George Washington. (I’m sure there are others, but they weren’t prominent enough to draw attention).

    • @cicero:

      I can’t speak to the pipeline, but I can’t imagine that is the only important project to Alaska now and in the next 5-10 years that needs to begin planning now. Palin didn’t want to be governor, she just wanted to dabble in pet projects?

      I read a lot about WAR and the controversy surrounding his nomination and the vote. He is an appalling human being who was rightfully rejected by the Alaskan senate.

      The ethics complaints were not frivolous. And they were not filed by her “political enemies” to “financially drain her.” Grow up. Palin was found guilty in the troopergate matter, she had to reimburse $8000 for her kids travel she tried to pawn off on the state. The per-diem situation was jaw-dropping. The business with the Arctic Cat jacket is truly outrageous. Her family derives income from Arctic Cat. Direct income. The company was paying her husband to display their logo knowing that his wife was the governor and a woman who loves free stuff. If you don’t understand how wrong that is, it’s hopeless.

      I absolutely agree with you that there is nothing in fact that Palin can do for Alaska and that Parnell will do as well, if not better than she would in finishing out her term. But she gets no credit for quitting 18 months before the end of a four-year term. Her supporters argue that her “executive experience” is a major qualification for higher office. Do you think she was even a halfway decent administrator? From where I sit, she was a disaster. She had trouble filling key positions and she filled many with people who had no business being appointed.

      You say, “the legislature is run by a bunch of arrogant egotistical two-year olds who refuse to work with the woman who has beaten the crap out of them.”

      Is “beating the crap” out of the legislators some new leadership technique I hadn’t heard of? There was tremendous cooperation and good will right up until the time she suddenly stopped cooperating with the troopergate investigation, coincidentally at the same time she was nominated by McCain whose campaign then attempted to subvert the investigation. Last time I checked, a leader is supposed to lead. Sarah Palin is no leader.

      Alaska is, as you say, better off without her.

      P.S.: As far as Palin’s miraculous early days as a daring fighter of corruption, I’m not buying it. She got lucky in that those around her were careless enough to provide her with a way to bring them down. She hasn’t gotten where she is by building relationships but by destroying other people and institutions. She is a cautionary tale of opportunism.

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