History Repeats Itself.

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On the alphabetical front   1934 Dec.  Daniel Robert Fitzpatrick, artist (1891-1969)

"On the alphabetical front" 1934 Dec. Daniel Robert Fitzpatrick, artist (1891-1969)

(Library of Congress) Cartoon shows the Democratic donkey clutching a group of alphabetical signs for the New Deal agencies — P.W.A., N.R.A., C.C.C., T.V.A., A.A.A., and R.F.C. In contrast, the GOP elephant holds only one sign giving the international distress signal — S.O.S. Appears to compare the complex Democratic program in progress to deal with the Depression with the lack of constructive action on the part of the Republicans.

About the artist, Daniel Robert Fitzpatrick:

Fitzpatrick was a supporter of women’s suffrage and the trade union movement and during the 1930s led the attack against the mergence of fascism in Europe. One critic, Stephen Hess, has argued that Fitzpatrick played a significant role in changing American public opinion on Nazi Germany: “Daniel Fitzpatrick, one of the masters in the use of symbolism, transformed Nazi Germany’s swastika into a horrific death machine. As Adolf Hitler’s armies marched across Europe in the 1930s, Fitzpatrick used his symbol repeatedly to challenge America to rethink their isolationist stand and enter World War II.”

Fitzpatrick twice won the Pulitzer Prize for cartooning: The Laws of Moses and the Laws of Today (1926), and How Would Another Mistake Help? (1955). He retired in 1958 and was replaced on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch by another radical cartoonist, Bill Mauldin. Daniel Robert Fitzpatrick died in 1969.

As a country we are repeatedly turning the same damned corner. The path may be well worn, it may be familiar, but it inevitably leads to the same failed results. This is why education is so important, particularly history education.


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