Torture is a criminal act.

April 23, 2009 at 11:18 pm | Posted in Bush, torture | 2 Comments
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If you’re not willing or able to read the Bush torture memos, at least listen to this song. YOUR GOVERNMENT engaged in this behavior. Your tax money paid the salaries of torturers, those who ordered the torture and those who “legalized” the torture, one of whom is currently a sitting Federal Judge.

If the Obama administration fails to investigate and prosecute these crimes, every member of the administration, including President Obama, will be as culpable as if they had participated directly and America will remain under a moral cloud.



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  1. I’m as angry about this as you are, but please understand this is a huge, extraordinarily complicated mess, and President Obama can’t just snap his fingers and make everything right. Laws were invented, rewritten, bent and broken, not necessarily in any particular order. Have you sifted through the thousands of pages of back-and-forth that’s already been released? It’s going to be years before this mess gets untangled, and I’d hate to see any few convictions that might result from proper investigations get reversed by the Supreme Court.

    • i appreciate your calming words, but it’s very difficult to hear the president of the united states declining to direct criminal prosecutions of those engaging in and directing torture programs. “I was following orders” is no excuse. not in america.

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