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Ceremony in the House of Representatives Chamber, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the death of Lafayette, May 20, 1934.

Ceremony in the House of Representatives Chamber, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the death of Lafayette, May 20, 1934.

The results are in for the House vote on the Stimulus Bill. It passed 246-183.

Republicans did not break ranks and, other than two who did not vote, every last one voted no, along with seven Democrats:

Dan Lipinski (IL – 3) voted “present.” In a call to Lipinski’s office, a member of his office staff told me that Lipinski abstained because he was “not happy with the direction of the bill.” There was some muttering by the young person about transportation but I was so irritated that I did not make further inquiry.

Despite my inclination to assume the worst, it is possible that Lipinski and DeFazio at least had legitimate reasons for in effect casting protest votes.

On January 23rd DeFazio went on the Rachel Maddow Show to talk about the stimulus bill:

(ThinkProgress) Tonight on the Rachel Maddow Show, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) said the amount of infrastructure spending in the legislation is “not enough.” He argued that if the Republicans are recycling failed ideas of the past, “we don’t need to buy them off with $300 billion in tax cuts.” DeFazio said Democrats in Congress originally proposed more for infrastructure spending, but the effort was shot down by Obama advisers:

There’s a pretty good consensus among members of the House that it should be more. But the dictate from on high in the negotiations with Obama’s advisers — I don’t think the President is there — I think he’s ill-advised by Larry Summers. Larry Summers hates infrastructure, and some of these other economists — who were very much part of creating the problem. Now they’re gonna solve the problem. And they don’t like infrastructure.

They want to have a consumer-driven recovery. We need an investment- and productivity-driven recovery for this country, a long-term recovery.

Maddow noted Obama speaks “very highly” of infrastructure. “If there’s a distance between him and his advisers,” she said, then that’s a problem. DeFazio responded, “He needs to know it, and that’s why I’m speaking out.”

From what I read about the other five Democrats who voted no, my impression is that their votes were not based on any legitimate issue of principle. Check out the links to see what I mean.

James Clyburn (SC – 6), House Majority Whip, was the only Democrat who did not vote. A member of his office staff told me that he left Washington DC earlier today on a “family emergency.”


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