Can of Worms.

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White House photo 2/5/09 by Pete Souza

President Obama receives a standing ovation from the House Democratic Caucus. Photo: White House photo 2/5/09 by Pete Souza

Why does President Obama look skeptical of the ovation from the House Democratic Caucus?

Perhaps he is wondering how a group which hasn’t managed to update its website since early October 2008 is capable of getting effective legislation passed.

A call to the Caucus office informs me that they’re waiting for approval to update the site. Not much of an explanation but okay.

Can someone with more technical expertise than I possess explain why the most recent item listed on the Caucus website press release page is from early October 2008 but googling “House Democratic Caucus” brings up this?

Poking around at this a bit more, I have learned that Rep. John B. Larson (D-CT) is the new DHC chair. A call to his congressional office to find out what’s up got me routed back to the same pleasant young man at the DHC I spoke to earlier. He reports that it has been a “long transition” from Rahm Emmanuel to John Larson, that it has taken a while to replace all of “Rahm’s people,” including replacing the person responsible for the DHC website.

All I started out to do here was post a picture of the President but I have ended up opening a can of worms I am sorry I picked up.

Never having heard of Rep. John Larson, I googled around to learn a little bit about him. What I found is not encouraging:

Asked whether the leadership was swinging left after this month’s election success, Larson said the agenda would be “center — leaning left — on social issues, and center — leaning right — on fiscal issues.” But, he said, “It’ll be in the center. We all understand what you have to do.”

Larson’s voting record looks pretty good and that is something. But could someone please pull him aside and explain to him that “leaning right on fiscal issues” is how we came to be in this record-breaking mess?


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